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[IP] Arguments

So I'm going to be having some rather invasive surgery 
done in the fall of 2001.  My CDE is a little hesitant 
to put me on a pump since: A) She wants to see that 
I'll keep up my current level of monitoring 
and "compliancy" for a few more months, but is worried 
that waiting TOO long will put us too close to my 
surgery date and she doesn't want to "overcomplicate" 
my medical concerns too quickly.

Now, I think that's all such glorious puckey, but I'm 
in need of a good argument to give her as to WHY it 

My thoughts:
A) Even if I didn't start till January 2001, that'd 
still leave a good 8 months to adjust.
B) I'm not convinced I NEED to show her extended 
compliancy (but how do you say that without appearing 
all the more non-compliant?)
C) Call me crazy, but wouldn't it be a good idea to get 
my bgcs under as good control as possible prior to a 
procedure which will require a month off of work to 

Pardon me if I sound upset, my numbers havn't been out 
of the 200s for a couple days (thanks to switching from 
R to H and her INSISTING that I don't take more than 
her prescribed conservative dose until we have a weeks 
worth of data to adjust from).  Note: the previous week 
I'd barely been UP TO the 200s.

- -Sara G.

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