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[IP] Newbie Pumper Update -- kinda long

Hi everyone.  I'm on day 5 now.  And we're seeing a pattern, finally.  Turns
out I need a lower basal rate during the afternoon hours and nights (0.4)
and higher right before breakfast and a little after (0.6), a little higher
after dinner until around 10:00 p.m. (0.5).  This is where we're at now I've
just adjusted the after dinner so I'll know tonight how well it works.
We've also changed my breakfast insulin to carb ratio to 1u/10g.  I've
always had the problem with highs right after breakfast, even on MDI.  Then
I tended to bottom out at lunch.  How wonderful to be able to adjust the
basals and even the carb ratio so that the amount of insulin is better
suited to the time of day.  I NEVER had that with MDI!

Had a lot of fun this am changing out everything.  My CDE wants me to do
everything for the first few times so that I can learn the procedure better.
After I get comfortable with all of it, I'll probably only change the
cartridge and tubing every other time.  I had to do it this morning totally
by myself with an audience of 2 cats watching.  They really didn't have any
suggestions to offer, but I'm sure they found my manipulations amusing.  It
only to me 1/2 hour to get all re-hooked back up, I thought that was pretty
good for a first time all by myself.  Site seems to be good, so I guess I'm
ready for the next couple days.  :o)

Let me tell you, I haven't messed with shots since SUNDAY!  And I LOVE it!
Sure, I still get to poke myself, but it's only once every few days rather
that 3-4 times a day.

I have a couple questions though.  First, when I removed my set this am,
there were a couple tiny spots of blood in the cannula.  My bgs during the
night weren't as good as they should have been and I was a little on the
high side this am.  Could this have caused the higher bgs?  What causes
this?  Is the only remedy to change the site?  And is the only way you know
is higher bgs?

Second, does anyone know how many grams of carb in a Seagram Wild Berries
Cooler?  *grin*  I've been dying for one, but am afraid to try it, since I'm
not sure how many carbs.  Can't find the info anywhere, not even at the
Seagram website.

There's still so much more for me to learn.  How much to drop my basals when
exercising, how to figure an extended bolus with an H-Tron Plus pump, how to
figure boluses for more fatty meals.  This has been so exciting, I stopped
to pick up some Ketostix at the pharmacy this afternoon (my CDE requires
that you have them on hand in case of problems), and I just had to show Max
off to the ladies working there.  *vbg*

I'm so grateful to everyone on this list,  your suggestions and help have
been so great.  :o)

Assimilated with Max 05/15/2000!

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