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[IP] Eli Lilly's Lispro-Pump Event Follow-up Form

I called Lilly a few weeks ago one day when I couldn't figure out why I was 
needing so much insulin, to ask if there had been any problems with the batch 
of humalog I was using (all the bottles I had were of the same lot number, as 
were all the bottles at the store where I have my prescription).  I now 
assume that was not the problem, since my need went down after a few days 
still using that insulin, though it has come up again now (currently blaming 
perimenopause, but who knows).

Today I received a Lispro-Pump Event Follow-up Form in the mail, which has a 
whole lot of questions, a number of which would need a fair amount of 
explanation to answer usefully.  What concerns me more is the "authorization 
for release of medical information" asking me to grant permission for my 
doctor "to release any and all of my medical and pharmaceutical records and 
related information (including without limitations information stored 
electronically) to Eli Lilly and Company" <which may > "provide any part or 
all of such information to certain government agencies and to such other 
persons and organizations as Eli Lilly and Company deems necessary for 
evaluation of such information.  I acknowledge that a copy of this 
authorization for release of medical information will in all respects be 
equal to an original"  Well, I usually try to be helpful on these things, but 
this seems a bit excessive.  Anyway, I would want to see what a doctor sent, 
because I have noticed that doctors' records often have really serious 
errors.  Have any of you dealt with this?  What did you do?

Linda Z 
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