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Re: [IP] Am I ODD?

At 09:41 PM 5/18/2000 , you wrote:
>Howdy Folks,
>One quick question.  Am I the only one on the list that when I find the time
>to type an e-mail to someone that I would appreciate a quick note.  Even a
>"Thanks for the Info" would be nice.
>Am I the only one out here that thinks this is just a courteous gesture?
>Carole H


Actually we try and keep those "thanks for the info" or "one line" messages 
on personal info and off the IP List and server.

we do encourage people to write to those people personally for those type 
of messages..

if you have any questions about the rules or Regulations about the list 
feel free to contact me, the help address  (HELP@insulin-pumpers.org), or 
take a look at this site:  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/netiquette.shtml


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