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[IP] Pump "qualifiers"

 Profile of a pumper
When Dr. David Bell first said I was a good candidate for a pump because I 
was COMPLIANT, I was pretty upset.   You see, I  am sort of a Rebel, have 
been all my life, I have always refused to go with the flow, unless I 
like/believe the way the flow is going.   So those words upset me and I 
stewed over it for the long (2 hour) drive home.   Checked out the pump on 
the net, and read all the letters and stuff and decided to go for it! 
  When I called Dr. Bell, to say lets go for it, and to ask why he had 
called me compliant when I definitely am not...he laughed at me and said, a 
pump user has to want to have better control, be willing to work at it, 
keep records as you have, and are involved in achieving better health. 
   So, now I can say I am proudly compliant about my health and my pump! 
   So that makes a pretty good profile.   And, I will always be a proud 

My last visit to my Doctor he said I was his best patient on the 
pump...Now, again, I don't know exactly what that means, but I do work hard 
to keep good control, test 8-10 times a day and record bgs and food on my 
messy, bloody sheets, and graph charts to get basals right.   Now my bgs 
are pretty predictible.  My last visit was a 5.8 and my doctor was 
concerned over my being too low.......Geez, that was a shock!

So, part of the profile is COMPLIANCE or a strong desire to be healthy!

Bonnie R.


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