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[IP] Response to Rapids?

In an effort to stabilize my night time BG (all over the place) I tried 
this: I ate the same meal, at the same time 4 nights in a row.  BG was about 
the same each time (105-135) - one night it was 60 so I ate another 10 gms. 
of CHO which normally brings me up about 50 points.  One night, the first, I 
had normal BG all night long, the next 2 nights I went high (185-257), the 
next night low (60)- these are post prandials, I spent the rest of the night 
correcting.  It's not the meal or the tail of any insulin. (I made sure my 
lunch meal was 5 hours previously.)  The RAPID question is, if the needle's 
the wrong length, or in the wrong spot ( read 'fatty') could this cause this 
?  I've only been using Rapids for a few months.

Please email me at email @ redacted - I take the digest and sometimes 
miss posts.  Any ideas appreciated.
Dianne - Dxed 35 years ago, Type I,  Still learning
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