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Subject: [IP] Re: My son is going to camp!

This will be Jenna's 3rd summer at Diabetes camp.  She likes it a lot.  The
first summer, the camp offered a pump trial with saline - guess what that
convinced her to do!  The second summer, (first on the pump), she had one of
those if-anything-can-go-wrong-it-will-go-wrong experiences.  Her basals
were set low because she had just finished gymnastics camp, and diabetes
camp, while strenous, wasn't as much as gymnastics camp.  She also had her
one and only site "gusher" while at the swimming pool.  Between the basal
rate problems and the site problems, it could have been a disaster, but the
camp staff very calmly and competently handled all those problems, and she
was no worse for the wear!  Not to mention that she had a great time.  So,
Tracy, enjoy YOUR week off from diabetes, and Derek will be in good hands
and enjoy HIS week off from Mom!

Nancy Morgan

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