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[IP] the root of all evil?

Kathy wrote
>  Does this happen to anyone else?:
>  I go to the doctor for something like a UTI, an infected cut,...
>  the doctor or the nurse will say, "Well, you know, diabetics ..." 
> {often have frequent UTIs, infections, etc.}

sigh...it is the easy way out for most of them to exsplin away our woes...

Kinda on the personal side, so be warned...

Diabetes is not the cause of ALL of my troubles, in all honesty...but I must 
say, however, that since being on the pump, not only have bruises and cuts  
healed faster and I have had fewer and less severe colds, flus etc. AND I 
rarely have yeast infections or UTIs anymore, whereas as a teen and young 
adult, I almost always had something going "on" down there!!!   Since I no 
longer provide the bacteria with an overly sweet place to reside, I don't get 
'em as much - facts is facts...when your pee has a lot of sugar in it, it 
makes that particular dark damp place PRIME real estate for "stuff" to grow." 

Guys may not relate, but one of the KNOWN symptoms of diabetes is 
uncontrollable itching...well HELLO...that is due to the yeast infection!!  I 
discovered more about my body as a youth, than I should of thanks to 
uncontrolled diabetes!!!!

If and when I feel one coming on now...I just tighten up on my numbers for a 
few days...and it is gone...

JP Sara 
Just plain Sara....HEY - Leslie from the list is coming to visit me and 
together we will meet Mark C!!  kewl, eh?
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