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Re: [IP] HTML - Bonnie

At 08:05 AM 5/18/00 -0700, you wrote:
 >About HTML....My email can do a,b,c,d, but it is not MS express, just plain
 >outlook and I don't know if everyone gets all the garbage. Will someone
 >tell me?   AND under tools (while in email) I don't have an "Options"
 >option.   Lastly, If I am using HTML, and turn it off, will it affect my
 >ability to communicate with any other emailers? Right now I don't have a
 >problem, except many AOL users can't read my attachments.  And advice is
 >appreciated [Bonnie Richardsn].
Hi Bonnie,

Here's my take on the HTML situation.  It's really no more than an educated 
guess, so take it with the appropriate amount of salt.

Because you can format the text in your messages that means you have HTML 
turned on (sometimes this is worded as send both plain and stylized 
text).  But as long as you DON'T format the text in your mesages you will 
not send any HTML.  As soon as you start using bold, italics, underlines, 
and different colors you will send HTML.

Turning off HTML will not deleteriously affect your ability to communicate 
with other email systems. On the contrary, it will enable you to 
communicate with more different email systems.

HTML has nothing to do with attachments.  The people who can't read your 
attachments probably need to set up their systems to allow them to accept 
attachments. This needs to be configured on the recipient's end.

If and when you figure out how to turn off HTML in your email system please 
send me directions on how to do it and I will add it to my collection.


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