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Re: [IP] Pumping 3 1/2 days (1 1/2 days for me)


Hi. I went on insulin on my pump yesterday, and it's going beautifully except 
for a few lows yesterday. It ends up I was taking too much for basal rates 
and carb ratios as well! I'm taking less than half the insulin I used to take 
now! I was really surprised at that. I've had no highs, all of my numbers 
have been below 170 since hookup. It's amazing!!! I feel so great! There were 
a couple of other pump starters at my pump classes, and they had highs like 
you. I guess I got lucky. I am sure things will even out for you. I am 
already loving it, and I bet you will once you get it all evened out. It's 
sooo great! Last night, we went out to celebrate my birthday (yup it's my 
birthday today lol), and it was so nice just being able to check my blood 
sugar, eat then do my bolus without having the hassle of doing a shot and 
having to limit myself to eating. Just wanted to update you, Roselea and the 
rest of the guys how mine went.Keep me updated! ;) 

And thanks for all the great info, tips and suggestions on this list, they 
all are wonderful, and it has given me great persceptives. Thanks!!!! :) 

Lyra dx~2/87     pumping as of Yesterday!! whooo! 
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