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Re: [IP] Reality check request [rather long, sorry]

Kathy said:
> nurse will say, "Well, you know, diabetics ..." {often have frequent UTIs,
> infections, etc.}
> Has this happened to other people?  Does it bug anyone else?  Or do you
> a magic mental trick for not being irritated when it happens?  I know
> but I'd be interested in knowing if my reality matches at all with yours.

I used to get this ALL the time when we lived in Montana.  Flu? Cold? Neck
injury that ended up with me in a lovely collar for six weeks due to a fall
on ice?  'Well, it's all due in part to your diabetes.'  Now, I could MAYBE
see the flu or the cold; the diabetes had not one iota of a thing to do with
my fall on some ice.  I said that, too - 'I fell on some ice.  My neck made
contact with the ground, thus causing the injury.'  But he insisted that it
would take much much longer for it to heal than non-diabetics - he was
surprised when six weeks later I was healed.  He probably thought it was a
miracle of some sort.  Praise be!!! lol     I also have bursitis in my hip
joint that docs felt was caused by my diabetes - nope - caused by many years
of competitive athletics, ballet, and tap dancing.  My new doc is wonderful,
she never says 'Oh, this is due to your diabetes,' she has been quite clear
that not everything is caused by the big D, that we suffer from non-related
ailments as well. She's a good listener and I count myself very lucky to
have found her.  She was really pleased to see that I was using the
GlucoPilot for my Palm IIIe; she thought it was really cool and even played
it with it for awhile during our last visit!!!  She always treats me like a
friend rather than 'just another patient', which I appreciate.
Dawn email @ redacted

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