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Re: [IP] Sometimes you just have to say words that aren't repeatable...

At 11:34 AM 5/18/00 RoseLea wrote:

 >Sam, while I agree with you 100% on this, the insurance companies don't look
 >at it that way, I'm sorry to say.  And, most people need their insurance to
 >pay for the pump and supplies.

You are right there. I couldn't have gotten my pump without the insurance 
either. Unfortunately the insurance companies don't count quality of life 
as an important issue... making you happier doesn't help their bottom line. 
Too bad. However, I think that the doctor can help you by making it sound 
like it is a medical necessity... how the doctor's letter is worded is 
crucial. My MM rep helped me by coaching the doctor with the right 
buzz-words and terms that got my approval. It's unfortunate that we must 
play such silly games to get this device approved.... but that's the way it is.


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