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[IP] Soon-to-be pumper!!!

Well folks, here I am turning cartwheels! Can you hear me cheering??

Saw JayJay's endo this morning and he is in favor of the pump. I had
to go through all kinds of stuff, talking to everyone in the entire endo
department except our doc (he was out of the country for 2 months) but
it seems like it's gonna happen. All of the other people kept telling
me that there was no way on G*d's green earth that Dr. Vargas would agree
to put JayJay on a pump. I decided I would wait and ask him myself. He's
all for it! Yippee! 

Dr. V says he can't do it alone, though. Since he can't be there for
us every hour of every day, he wants his entire team on board. He will
talk to them in a meeting this Tuesday. Dr. V also said that if he can't
get his team on board for this, he will personally help me find another
doctor who can do it. Awesome!!!!

He will also call some of his endo friends around the country that have
put little kids on the pump and get their input. Dr. Tamborlane, who
was interviewed for last month's "Putting Kids on The Pump" article in
Diabetes Forecast, is an old friend of his. Dr. Tamborlane put the child
of a riend of mine on the pump when she was 19 months old. That's so

I'm just a little bit jazzed!!! Just had to share!!!

Oh, whoever it was that asked about the Freestyle meter, we will be given
one next month by our doc. A rep from the company was there yesterday
and said he would give the department several of the meters to give to
families to try out. We get to be a test family. I'll post our results
and opinions when we've had a chance to use it for a few days.


Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever

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