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[IP] Reality check request

Kathy wrote "Has this happened to other people?  Does it bug anyone else?
Or do you have
a magic mental trick for not being irritated when it happens?"

Just about every time my 15 y/o daughter, Liz, would see a doctor for any
type of illness, the first thing the doctor zoomed in on was her diabetes,
insulin dosage and what her last bg reading was. It seemed as if the actual
purpose of our visit was secondary (or even non-existent) since so much time
was spent with diabetes questioning. This aggravated Liz to no end and made
her feel worse than she already felt.
I was pleased that the doctor took the time to look at her chart because it
is important for him/her to know this info. I also realized that there are
quite a few people with diabetes out there who don't get the care my
daughter does. But I would begin getting riled up too when my daughter was
feeling awful and her symptoms were being ignored. I finally got to the
point where I firmly tell the doctor that Liz is working with a ped endo and
CDE to care for her diabetes and that diabetes is not the purpose of our
visit. This usually brings the true purpose of the visit back into focus. Of
course, sometimes we find ourselves dealing with a doctor who doesn't want
to hear this and have to be even more insistent.

Linda V.

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