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Re: [IP] Sometimes you just have to say words that aren't repeatable...

Sam wrote:

>>I don't agree with this... even a person with perfectly controlled BGs can
benefit from the pump. This is because the pump will allow them to continue
this good control with a much less rigid lifestyle. The problem is that
they are focusing only on the therapeutic aspects and totally ignoring the
quality of life issues. The improved quality of life, to my mind, is one of
the best parts of pumping.<<

Sam, while I agree with you 100% on this, the insurance companies don't look
at it that way, I'm sorry to say.  And, most people need their insurance to
pay for the pump and supplies.  In fact, I was very concerned since my last
few A1c's were below 6.  I thought the insurance would give me a hard time
with pumping because of it.  Well, they didn't and I'm not sure if it was
because I had enough of the other listed "qualifications" or that my
insurance is a little less stringent on what A1c's should be.  Whatever, I
got my pump, and I'm a good candidate because I'm working real hard trying
to get my basal and bolus amounts worked out.  In fact, I'm now eating a
better diabetic diet than I ever did, since I don't want too many variables
messing up the figures right now.

Assimilation date:  5/13/2000!

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