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[IP] Specimens

It isn't that I want doctors to mis-diagnose complications, if and when.
It's just that this approach (which comes across to me as if I am a specimen
diabetic and secondarily a human being) causes an unnecessary amount of
stress in a situation where I'm not feeling very well to start with, and
feels a bit like the doctor is telling me to suck it up and quit whining
because whatever is ailing me is an inevitable consequence of diabetes.

Has this happened to other people?  Does it bug anyone else?  Or do you have
a magic mental trick for not being irritated when it happens?  I know MMMV,
but I'd be interested in knowing if my reality matches at all with yours.

I hate it too, I'm a person first and a doctor last. I hate when they say
to me well, "you know you are a diabetic" as if that means I'm non compus
mentis as well as being stupid. Often they say, "Well, you're a doctor"
To which I have learned to say "What does that have to do with it". I have
no magic mental tricks, dind a doc who values you as a person, then a
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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