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Re: [IP] Sometimes you just have to say words that aren't repeatable...

Sam wrote:

>>I wonder what they think the profile for a pump user is?? I always thought
that the basic conditions for pumping were:1. Insulin dependent diabetic.
2. Motivated to live a more "normal" lifestyle.
3. Can read and follow basic instructions.<<

According to the forms sent to my insurance, a person also has to be
motivated to do more frequent blood checks (at least in the beginning) and
be motivated to have good bgs.  Not all people are motivated enough to
handle the additional work of pumping (carb counting, etc.).  They don't
want to put the pump in the hands of someone who tries to be too "normal",
ie. doesn't want to check bgs, doesn't want to write down EVERYTHING you put
in your mouth (at least in the early days).  There's a pretty big learning
process here, and the potential pumper must be willing to take on the task.
Also, the person needs to have difficulty controlling bg levels, too many
highs or too many lows.  These reasons were cited on the form as to why I
was a good candidate.

Assimilation date:  5/15/2000!

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