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Re: [IP] Reality check request

    I know exactly what you mean. I've had diabetes for 35 years and never
had a Dr. believe I could have a regular problem like other folks, like
strep throat or a pulled muscle. They always act like it's diabetes-related
or caused by same! It's very frustrating.  Sure, infections do raise our
blood sugars but why do they seem to put more emphasis on stabilizing the
highs than on finding what the underlying infection is??  Also, I learned a
tough lesson years ago in the hospital. Never be admitted without your own
supply of candies or sugar packs!  I've been unconscious for hours till a
family member came to visit and found me convulsing on the hospital bed! The
nurses and aides later reported they thought I was sleeping and therefore
removed my dinner tray! Go figure!
    Good luck,
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Date: Thursday, May 18, 2000 12:52 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Reality check request

>I've had this happen a number of times.  The most egregious of which was
>when I was placed in the infirmary while I was in a freshman in college due
>to a bad viral infection that sent my blood sugars rocketing, right before
>finals--high-stress time, and you all know what that will do.  (You haven't
>lived 'til you've read Faulkner's "Absalom, Absalom!" with a 105 degree
>fever.  Kids, don't try this at home!)
>The insurance company claimed that they did not have to pay for the time in
>the infirmary (like a hospitalization) because the problem was related to
>diabetes--a pre-existing condition.  This was a long time ago, foks
>(1980-you do the math), so pre-ex clauses still applied.
>Just TRY to tell them that the infection was the CAUSE of my high blood
>sugars, not a result.  We paid the bill.
>Honestly, though, I haven't had this problem in a long time.  I think more
>and more doctors are becoming better educated as we learn more about
>If you get this kind of inattentive reaction from your doctors I would
>suggest that you switch, if possible.
>At 07:19 PM 5/17/00 -0500, you wrote:
> >Does this happen to anyone else?:
> >
> >I go to the doctor for something like a UTI, an infected cut, the flu,
> >About half the time (in 34 years of diabetes, with various doctors of
> >varying degrees of expertise), sometime during the visit the doctor or
> >nurse will say, "Well, you know, diabetics ..." {often have frequent
> >infections, etc.}
> >
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