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[IP] yogurt

My physician and endo recommended yogurt as a aid in preventing yeast 
infections, as insulin user's are prone to yeast infections.  The kind of 
Yogurt must have acidophilus culture.   I eat the low fat almost daily, 
plain, with aspartame added, fruit, granola, bananas,  sometimes make 
smoothies with yogurt bananas, fruit, tofu etc.  Whatever is around.  I, 
who used to keep the manufacturer's of Monistat in their Beamers, have not 
had a yeast infection in over 5 years. But, then again, maybe there is 
nothing to it and I will die an early death because of aspartame.  I go 
through a lot of it ever day (in coffee and diet 7-up), thank God Walmart 
has now come out with a MUCH cheaper brand than Equal since their patent 
ran out.

And singing along with Sam and everyone ....To Each His Own - and Your 
Mileage Will Certainly VARY and so will your taste!!!

About HTML....My email can do a,b,c,d, but it is not MS express, just plain 
outlook and I don't know if everyone gets all the garbage. Will someone 
tell me?   AND under tools (while in email) I don't have an "Options" 
option.   Lastly, If I am using HTML, and turn it off, will it affect my 
ability to communicate with any other emailers? Right now I don't have a 
problem, except many AOL users can't read my attachments.  And advice is 
appreciated [Bonnie Richardsn]  .


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