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[IP] Prerequisites for a pump

Sam wrote:
>I wonder what they think the profile for a pump user is?? I always thought 
>that the basic conditions for pumping were:
>1. Insulin dependent diabetic.
>2. Motivated to live a more "normal" lifestyle.
>3. Can read and follow basic instructions.

I agree, but I think the hang up in most cases is with the insurance 
companies.  They want to be sure a person is motivated so they (the insurance 
company) are not paying upwards of $5000 for a piece of equipment that may 
end up sitting in someone's closet (horrors).  I think the pump should be the 
first method of control, not the last- but that's the way it is right now.

Annette (mom to Josh- pumping since 9/28/99 and loving it)
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