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Re: [IP] yeast infection and yogurt

At 01:00 AM 5/18/00 -0400, you wrote:
 ><I agree but not with the yogurt. Have you seen how much sugar is in yogurt?

 >there is yogurt with lower sugar content if you look carefully.

Plain, unflavored, un-fruited, lowfat yogurt is REALLY good and doesn't 
contain any sugar at all.  Lowfat cultured buttermilk will also give you 
the acidophilus, I think.  Make sure when you buy the yogurt that the 
container says something like, "contains live acidophilus cultures."

You probably won't find 8 oz. containers of this type.  It tends to come 
packaged in pints or quarts.

BTW: these products are very good sources of calcium for people with 
lactose intolerance.  I don't tolerate lactose well at all.  I can't drink 
regular milk, but buttermilk and yogurt are no problem.

As always, YMMV,


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