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Re: [IP] yeast infection and yogurt

<I agree but not with the yogurt. Have you seen how much sugar is in yogurt?
And nutrasweet  with trying to kill off systemic candida just will not help
because it helps keep the cravings or thoughts of eating more sweets. >

there is yogurt with lower sugar content if you look carefully.  I avoid the
ones with fruit on the bottom and always make sure that it says on the
container "live cultures".  I eat yogurt all the time, not only for yeast
infections.  my doc says it is an excellent source of calcium which I am low
on and also bacteria is good for you.I have found the yogurts with
nutrasweet  in them actually hit my sweet cravings right on the nose...they
have all kinds of different flavors like caramel and banana and coconut and
cappuccino, as well as the fruit kinds.  I usually only have to count it as
one carb.  another thing, if I don't want to add carbs to breakfast, I use
it as a substitute for milk in cereal, it adds more flavor.


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