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Re: [IP] Sometimes you just have to say words that aren't repeatable...

Sam Skopp wrote:
> However, to my mind "already on more than 2 shots/day, unable to maintain
> target range consistently, variable work schedule" are not completely valid
> reasons. Why? I feel that an advantage of the pump is to live a more normal
> lifestyle while also helping to maintain tighter control.

Agreed!!  Many people COULD maintain tight control on shots, IF they
were willing to be slaves to the clock AND the diet. 

But quality of life is a MAJOR issue in my book -- I think we ALL
deserve the best we can get!

One of the catch-22's that I've seen quoted is that you can't get a pump
unless you can't get control any other way, BUT you can't get a pump
unless you can demonstrate that you can get good control on shots. Huh??

Makes ya wanna scream!
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