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[IP] Reality check request [rather long, sorry]

Does this happen to anyone else?:

I go to the doctor for something like a UTI, an infected cut, the flu, etc.
About half the time (in 34 years of diabetes, with various doctors of
varying degrees of expertise), sometime during the visit the doctor or the
nurse will say, "Well, you know, diabetics ..." {often have frequent UTIs,
infections, etc.}

Now, I know complications are serious things.  And I know I have diabetes.
But I wish that the doctors would listen to the symptoms, ask the questions
they would ask a "regular" patient, tell me what to do about the immediate
problem, and bring up the diabetes angle if it turned out to be
diabetes-related.  The chronic UTIs turned out to be an hereditary tendancy
from my non-diabetic mother, which cleared up for good after someone finally
quit blaming my (assumed) urine sugars and put me on a long-term course of
antibiotics, after which they didn't recur.  Tingling in my feet turned out
to be 'ski boot neuropathy' from wearing particular shoes that pressed on a
nerve on top of my foot.  The 'foot ulcer' I needed to have checked for
signs of infection was determined (after I got a word in edgewise) to have
been caused by a file cabinet corner in contact with a bare toe.

I can't wait to find out what people on pumps are prone to ... appendicitis,
perhaps, or broken bones from trying to fall in such a way that the pump is
protected? :)

It isn't that I want doctors to mis-diagnose complications, if and when.
It's just that this approach (which comes across to me as if I am a specimen
diabetic and secondarily a human being) causes an unnecessary amount of
stress in a situation where I'm not feeling very well to start with, and
feels a bit like the doctor is telling me to suck it up and quit whining
because whatever is ailing me is an inevitable consequence of diabetes.

Has this happened to other people?  Does it bug anyone else?  Or do you have
a magic mental trick for not being irritated when it happens?  I know MMMV,
but I'd be interested in knowing if my reality matches at all with yours.

Thanks for being there,
Pumping nearly 2 months now, and loving it!

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