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Re: [IP] Sometimes you just have to say words that aren't repeatable...

At 02:15 PM 5/17/00 Sara M. G. wrote:
 >> I wonder what they think the profile for a pump
 >> user is?? I always thought that the basic
 >> conditions for pumping were:
 >> 1. Insulin dependent diabetic.
 >> 2. Motivated to live a more "normal" lifestyle.
 >> 3. Can read and follow basic instructions.
 >The above plus:
 >Checking BG frequently, already on more than 2
 >shots/day, unable to maintain target range
 >consistently, variable work schedule, and there were a
 >couple other things....

Checking BG frequently should be included in #3 above.

However, to my mind "already on more than 2 shots/day, unable to maintain 
target range consistently, variable work schedule" are not completely valid 
reasons. Why? I feel that an advantage of the pump is to live a more normal 
lifestyle while also helping to maintain tighter control. With a pump you 
can eat and live without being on a rigid schedule and watching a clock all 
day. Couldn't most diabetics use these benefits? Many pumpers can also 
maintain tighter control without Draconian restrictions in their lives. So, 
why isn't this a good thing for most of us? I just feel that some doctors 
only look at the pump as a only therapeutic fix, instead of also being a 
major life-enhancing tool.

All this is just my opinion, of course.


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