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[IP] Endos

Your endo sounds just like the one I took my son to. He was diagnosed just 
before his 8th birthday.  For almost 8 years he was seen only two, 
occasionally three, times a year.  He was on a 'no added sweets' diet until 
he was about eleven.  Josh didn't have any diabetes education (we parents got 
all of it in the hospital), even though I asked about it as he got older.  He 
didn't see a CDE except at diabetes camp.  I first approached his endo about 
a pump in '97 or '98.  He blew it off.  I knew my son wasn't getting the 
standard of care for people with diabetes. I joined this list in the fall of 
'98 and was encouraged to change endos.  Josh saw his former endo in May '99 
when he once again blew off our interest in the pump.  He saw his current 
endo for the first time in July '99.  He saw her more in the next two months 
than he had seen his old endo in three years!!  He started pumping 9/28/99, 
he has gone to education sessions, he sees his endo every three months, or 
more often if necessary, the CDEs and endo are always available,  she listens 
to what we have learned on here and is willing to try and see if it works 
(like mixing Humalog and Velosulin), and she always asks him about any 
emotional issues related to diabetes.  I guess I thought that all endos would 
be the same.  I encourage you to find someone you are comfortable with and 
will give you the time and care you need.

Annette (mom to Josh who mentioned yesterday how much he loves his pump and 
who also just got his driver's license last Friday) 
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