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[IP] Re: Updating MA bracelet

Jan wrote:
>  Each year I have worn one (about 30) they have sent me 
> an update sheet and stating there was a $15 charge to do so.

the charge is the annual fee they charge to maintain your records...and you 
can actually pay for several years at a time for a discount - I did 3 for 
$35...they send you the card each time you pay the renewal. BUT if you want 
to merely change the info in the computer, ie a NEW doctor, or a different 
medication, you can do that just by calling them.  They won't send a new card 
or a new bracelet, but the whole point of the medic alert bracelet in the 
first place is to get the EMT or whoever to call in...get your latest medical 
info BEFORE they start digging into you...As for the card, I have updated it 
my ownself with a little white out and a pen...

>  I haven't spent the update money for years since
>  they couldn't get it right and I couldn't see paying them 
> to do it wrong.

Since Ilive alone, I pretty much am reliant on it in case I am found passed 
out on the street....so I pay the update...guess it's cheaper than alimony or 
child support <g>.  If they ever did get it wrong, which they haven't yet, 
not to say they won't someday, but you can betcha I would bitch and moan and 
gripe and pester until it WAS right...

:-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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