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Re: [IP] Re: yeast infection

I agree but not with the yogurt. Have you seen how much sugar is in yogurt?
And nutraweet with trying to kill off systemic candida just will not help
because it helps keep the cravings or thoughts of eating more sweets. I do
agree getting the supplements plus Yeast Fighter capsules by Twin Labs is a
good combination but if a person has a very bad candida infection one
really also should use medication to help kill off the candida. One sign of
the candida dying off is called die-off symptoms. It isn't fun to go
through that.
There are many good books out there with food plans (what food to eat what
not to eat) to also help with the yeast problem.
I have a bad immune system and have severe candida at times to the point I
am on some serious meds which treat my body systemically. I have thrush and
skin rashes which burn etc etc. It is very important for me to know about
candida and what to do about it because one can die from this opportunistic
infection. It creates a vicious cycle in some people's bodies. For example
some fruits will make it worse..Breads or any foods with yeast added.
vinegar products. Any sugars or high starch meals..etc etc etc
Should I need antibiotic Nystatin tablets are automatically ordered for me.
They should be with people with diabetes. Diabetes already sets us up for
candida. Men can have this problem also. It affects the gut, the lymph
system, the mouth which in turns affects the gums and teeth etc etc etc.
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