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[IP] Re: Stylized text

Recently Liz wrote about ways to turn off HTML (thank you, Liz!), including:

>1. Choose Tools / Options / Send.
>2. Make sure the "Plain Text" setting is selected.
>3. Press OK

Thanks for the instructions! These will probably work for most users.
However... (you just _knew_ that was coming, didn't you?) in some
versions/platforms the procedure is different. In the Mac version 4.5 of
Outlook Express, for instance, it looks more like:

1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Message Composition.
2. Select "plain text."
3. Press "OK."

I seem to remember that a previous Mac version of OE required yet a third
method. I think the programmers just want to keep us off balance a little.
So if you don't find it the first time, look around a little. It's gotta be
there somewhere! Heck, you might even consider using the "Help" menu (being
a Mac user myself, I tend to avoid manuals and help functions most of the
time, but sometimes a user's gotta do what a user's gotta do).

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