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[IP] Sometimes you just have to say words that aren't repeatable...

So I woke up with a 300 this morning... first in a 
week, but it happens (still on MDI).  SO I add a few 
extra units of R in... not a lot though, being 

Come noon, I'm down to 40.  Already starting to 
shake... Okay, not conservative enough obviously.  But 
I take my shot (minus a couple units) anyhow thinking 
I'm going to eat immediately and R takes a long time on 

Then comes... DUH!

I didn't pack a lunch today...I have no cash in my 
pocket.  No fast food nearby takes ATM/Credit....

Well, I guess the Gods decided I'd had enough of a 
scare 'cause the rest went well... I found I still had 
plenty of candy stored in my bottom drawer, the lines 
at the ATM machine and fast food place were non-
existant, and by the time I got back to my office, all 
I had to show for it all was a headache.

The beautiful irony of it all... is that this was my 
last shot of R before switching to Humalog this 
afternoon... at least I *KNOW* what R does in me... I 
have no idea what to expect from H.

Hope everyone else is having a more peaceful day...

- -Sara G.

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