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Re: [IP] Last shot of NPH EVER! -- Becky


I know exactly how you feel!  I did the same thing, counting down those last
shots.  I'm on my third day now without taking shots and just LOVE it!  The
bruises on my legs are starting to go away now.  I've had a few ups and
downs with bgs thanks to that Demon NPH in my system.  We finally think it's
all gone now, and today I'm beginning to run a little on the high side.
Long story, but after I got home from the dr office, I wondered why the bg
was coming down ever so slowly.  I checked the site, looked ok.  Checked the
pump, it was running.  Looked over the tubing and ack!  discovered air in
the tubing!  So, now we don't know how much insulin I've actually gotten
today.  La, la, la, the joys of pumping.  So, I disconnected, reprimed and
did a high bg bolus and waiting to see now if that makes a difference.  I
must have been getting some insulin, though since bgs are in the 200's.  So,
now we're not sure if maybe it was because of the air in the tubing, a badly
filled cartridge (I had to fill it all by myself this morning, talk about
all thumbs!), or a bad site that doesn't have good absorption.  But, we're
taking it all one step at a time, just like with anything new, you gotta get
the bugs worked out.  But I'm still very happy to be pumping!  Shoulda done
this years ago!

Finally Assimilated with Max!

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