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Re: [IP] Insulin: The Tortise or the Hare?

At 10:40 AM 5/17/00 Sara M. G. wrote:
 >When the docs say humalog is SUPPOSED to kick in in 15
 >minutes and SUPPOSED to be gone after 3 hrs... that's a
 >rule of thumb... the first thing I noticed when going
 >on insulin 8 years ago was that my body takes 1.5-2
 >hours just to START processing Regular (supposed to be
 >30-45 minutes), and it lasts up to 9 hours (supposed to
 >be gone in 6).  While a diabetic friend of mine
 >responds to Regular within 10 minutes and it never
 >lasts her more than 2 hours.

That's why we say YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) around here. I'm the same 
way... my Humalog doesn't peak until at least 3 hours and is still kicking 
long after that. Very frustrating...


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