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Re: [IP] re insurance

> In doing some investigation about insurance 
> and retiring, I found the same information 
> that others have reported -- if you're insured
> immediately prior (as in not a SINGLE DAY'S 
> LAPSE) to changing to a new insurance company, 
> the new company must waive the six month 
> waiting period, regardless of prior conditions.
I've been with the same HMO for at least the past 
decade... since before I was diagnosed... BUT I've 
switched who's been PAYING for it twice already...

My coverage through my parents STOPPED (rather 
unexpectedly) on my 21st birthday (Imagine me walking 
into the pharmacy expecting to pay $15 and getting a 
bill for nearly $1000 -- not all diabetes related 
supplies).  I was uncovered for nearly two months until 
I managed to switch jobs to one that would provide 
health insurance (My current one didn't but since my 
folks told me I'd be covered until I was 23 I wasn't 
too worried -- they were wrong).

When I started at my new job I opted for the same 
HMO 'cause I knew all the docs and all my records were 
there and it just seemed like a simpler thing than 
shopping around.  I got enrolled with no problem, 
no "pre-existing condition waiting period", no 
nothing... the only glitch was that they created a new 
medical record number which detached my coverage from 
all my old record and existing prescription... took 
three months to sort THAT out, but the pharmacists were 
able to give me "courtessy refills" since my SSN 
matched on both records.

Then about three months ago I switched jobs again... 
this time I had about two weeks of overlapping coverage 
by both employers... The old employer continued 
coverage 30 days after my termination of service date, 
and the new employer had me signed up within about 10 
days of starting.  (I stuck with the same HMO again, 
because as before... the evils you know are better than 
the evils you don't)  Again, no pre-existing stuff, but 
AGAIN they created a new medical record number and 
AGAIN it's taken me months to get them to merge my 
record back into my old number... but FINALLY as of 
last monday all is well with the world again...

Just me experience with the medical monster...

- -Sara G.
(Not to be confused with the unstoppable Sara who just 
got her eye worked on) :p :)

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