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[IP] male diabetic reproductive question

Warning: Although more of a medical/reproductive nature than sexual, the
following may still be offensive to some.

Heard something from a relative this weekend. It is one of those
relatives where you never know whether she really knows what she is
talking about, so I am hoping someone here will have more info. This
relative claims that in some men with diabetes, instead of losing all
sexual function, the man will still be able to have sex and climax, but
will not ejaculate (possibly due to nerve damage?). Also meaning of
course that he cannot father children (except of course through invasive
medical procedures). This relative also claims that the condition can be
treated with pills, which allows the man to father children "normally"
if he so desires.
Anyone know about this? Please feel free to email me privately if you
prefer. I will gladly share results with the list, but will keep
individual info confidential of course.
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