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[IP] Basal Testing Question

Hi, Laura.

>Always remember YMMV!

Of course. Thanks for that.

>I often use 0.1 unit corrections.

Do you set your pump to deliver a single dose of 0.1 U? What kind of an 
effect do you see? Have you compared the effect of 0.1 U with the effect of 
0.0 U? (I'm not joking.) I could imagine the following experiment: over a 
period of ten days, on alternate days at the same time, I could give myself 
0.1 U as a bolus and on alternate days I *wouldn't* give myself a bolus, 
but I'd test as if I did just to see what happens. Fasting would not be 
needed for this experiment. The measurements would be interesting to see! 
(Before discounting this experiment, think of another one, NEVER TO BE 
PERFORMED, where 10 U would be delivered as a bolus on alternate days. The 
effect would be VERY measurable.)

>During the early morning and right before noon I often have to set a 0.1 
>for an hour and 0.0 for the second hour to achieve this and it makes a 
>world of difference.

It's curious that the early morning and before-lunch periods correspond to 
when the final effects of the bolus for the preceding meal are observed. 
Would you need the same basal at the same time if you fasted, say, between 
8 p.m. and 12 noon the following day?

regards, Andy

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