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[IP] Info on birth control pill/weight gain/diabetes

Hi, I wanted to let you know what my doc had to say about the whole 
bcp/diabetes thing.  I was told that yes, the bcp can cause weight gain.  
But something I didn't know was that being on the bcp increases ones chance 
of getting a yeast infection.  Pre-pump, I was at the doctor's every month 
or two because of yeast infections.  He told me that being a diabetic on the 
pill is a double whammy, since the sometimes high blood sugars have 
something to do with frequency of yeast infections.  Being on the pill does 
not help any. (And I don't know about the rest of you ladies out there, but 
now that I'm on the pump, if I run out of insulin/forget to reconnect after 
a shower, which has been known to happen, for more than ONE HOUR, I 
automatically get a yeast infection within a few days.)

But my question is that about 3 months
>ago she put on 13 pounds rather quickly. She was on BCP to regulate her
>period for 3 months and thats when she gained the weight.   Not sure if the
>two are related or not. Now she would like to get rid of the extra weight
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