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Re: Subject: [IP] 5 yr old pumper

In a message dated 5/15/00 8:15:57 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Hi Miranda,
 Just one word for you about infusion sites in little kids -- EMLA!  When
 they're kind of nervous, everything hurts more.  So, make it numb in the
 beginning, then as you and Miranda get more confident, you can always quit
 using it.  My 11 year old, who is no weinie, still wants her EMLA for
 insertion.  As far as taking it out, the only  painful part of that is
 getting the tape off, sort of like taking a band-aid off.  If that's a real
 problem, there are several solvents (Unisolve, others) that you can buy that
 loosen the sticky before you pull.
 Nancy Morgan
Hello Miranda,

       I have to say I second Nancy's motion on this one.  I to have one who 
uses the EMLA!  Some folks I guess have had reactions to it but we have not. 
My daughter calls it the magic medicine.  The difference is without EMLA a 
nrevous situation while trying to insert vs. a child who lays down on her bed 
and say,"Just stick it to me mom!"  Just have the doc write a script for you! 
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