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[IP] Different meter reading test.

[IP] Different meter reading test		

Well I did it and you all will be surprised at my results as I was.  I
was able to do all five tests with one fingerstick.  and here goes.......

1.  Accu-chek Complete      Tests whole blood w/plasma like references   
2.  Accu-chek Advantage    Tests whole blood w/plasma like references    
3.  OneTouch Profile	       Tests whole blood				           97
4.  OneTouch Fast Take       Tests whole blood				           99
5.  Dex			       Tests whole blood w/serum/plasma references  98

Time of the test was 5:36pm
They were all pretty much the same. Hmmm?
I think that when we do test between two meters it helps to use the same
fingerstick for both tests or at least poke the same finger twice.  Just
to keep the variables to a minimum.

So I think that the problem doesn't lie with our meters being different I
think we should be looking at our fingers being different.  It's like
putting a rubber duck in the river and letting it go.  It takes time to
get down the river.  Just as our blood sugars are probably a little
different in different places in out bodies at the same time.  Notice I
said "a little" different.  Besides, if the meters were all reading
differently from the same drop of blood don't you think that would be in
their advertising as to who had the better, more accurate meter? Just my

Sheila-Full time mom but "playing" scientist today

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