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Re:[IP] Basal Testing Question

Thanks for the thoughtful response, Andy!  I can appreciate
your skepticism, but here's what I did:
I began pumping on 2/3/00.  For the next two months, I spent
most nights checking BGs either at 12, 2, 4, and 6am or
1,3,5, and 7 am.  I usually ate nothing after 7 pm.  I made many 
basal adjustments along the
way.  By the last week of that two month period I was 
adjusting by .1 unit for a single hour of the night.  I saw
enough BG readings to prove to myself that a .1U adjustment
for a single hour of the night will cause a BG swing of
about 50 points.  My overnight BGs are very stable when I
don't eat/bolus/exercise later than about 8 pm.  This has
been by far the greatest benefit of pumping for me.
I'm still guessing that others with very low overnight
basal requirements experience this same kind of magnified
insulin sensitivity during the night, but that is just
a guess.
You say you don't think a single .1U dose is reproducible
(sorry to take that out of context), yet Disetronic and Animas 
both say they can take that .1U and divide and deliver it
to your body .005U at a time every 3 minutes for an hour.
I also think they can.  

I wrote:
>Example: During the day it takes one unit of H to lower my BG >50 points. 
>If I see a
>50 point BG rise between 3am and 6am, I only need to increase >my basal 
>rate by .1U/hr. between 3am and 4am to take care of it.

Then Andrew Aronoff wrote:
>I'm sure you're convinced this is true, but it does not seem 
>even remotely possible to me. Given the variations in site 
>absorption, metabolism, the pump itself, and measurement error, 
>I don't think a _single_ 0.1 unit dose is reproducible, much 
>less detectable, in the body. I'm referring to a 
>_single_ 0.1 unit dose, not a series of them.

>To establish this, how, exactly, did you measure the effect?
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