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[IP] endos

I've been told teh same thing all year, my endo is
full --booked solid the whole year. I have an appt in
2 weeks that I really don't need ( I was just there in
March--the end) but everything, other than some lows
is fine, and right now is crunch time at school so I
really don't want to miss the whole day for that
appointment. An August appt would be better b/c of
planning for the next school year, and I'm sure I'd
probably at least have "concerns" by then....No luck
moving the appt back, I'm considering flat out
cancelling it, but it's been this way for years, and
that reminds me EXACTLY what I want in my endo I get
when I go to college---1.Pump friendly, 2.Has a team,
3. Very type-A personality that I can speak frankly
with, 4. and one with TIME, at least enough that if
you desparately need an appt, you can get one w/o
waiting 6 months!!!! (or a year) I realized I kept the
endo I have b/c i've known him for years, but in the
same sense, i HATE the lack of available appointments.
I was even told last year that he was booked all year,
but somehow I got an appointment--go figure! When I'm
a doc I do NOT plan on being so blocked in a schedule,
so that I can at least half the time accomodate my
patients:-) I know that I am picky with my schedule
and stuff, but still--I'm definitely going to have a
long search for an endo at the college I want--and
hopefully there is one in that town!

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