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Re: [IP] When there's no water to wash

When home blood glucose monitoring first came out, we were often advised to 
use the second drop rather than the first (I think this was usually because 
of concern about tissue fluid mixing with the blood - I was advised this when 
working in a med lab also.  Haven't heard about anyone worrying about it 
lately, so I guess human physiology has evolved? <gr>).  But I find using 
that technique when I am unsure of cleanliness works quite well -- whatever 
on my finger that is going to dissolve in blood will be pretty effectively 
removed by the first drop if I can get a big enough one and wipe it with 
something that does not contain any glucose contaminant.  It seems to me the 
effectiveness of cleaning with saliva would depend on what you had eaten 
lately, but should be fine if it has been a while since you ate.

Linda Z
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