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*Eric wrote:  they sayI have to waite 6 months for there pre existing
condition rule.they said theywould cover after 6 months.MY company just
switched insurance providers inmarch.*

Eric, I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Hubby's company just decided to
provide it's employees with group health coverage. Our 2 y/o diabetic
has been on Louisiana Medicaid since dx because we couldn't get insurance
for him with an individual policy. The ins. companies are within their
legal rights to turn down anyone they want to who is applying for an
*individual* policy. It's different with group policies. They have to
accept those who are applying as part of a group. They like to throw
that pre-ex (preexisting condition) clause at you though. They can do
that, UNLESS you have already been insured by another group ins. for
a specified period of time (I think 1 year) IMMEDIATLEY preceeding the
time the new company is to cover you. Does that make sense? 
Anyway, the new ins. my hubby's work is getting tried to weasel out of
covering JayJay right away. But, since we know about that law, they WILL
be covering him from day one because he has been on Medicaid (which qualifies
as a group insurance policy) for a year and a half and we have documentation
to prove it.
Don't let them get away with that! It is not your fault your company
is changing insurance carriers. Even if it was your fault, they cannot
legally make you go through the pre-ex waiting period because you are
already covered by a group.

Hope this helps you out, Eric.

Now, let's see how much trouble I have to go through to get the new company
to cover a pump. I'm ready for that fight, too. Thanks to all the info
I have gotten from fellow IPers.  Anyone have any experience with Phoenix?
That's the new company. If anyone has dealt with them, please let me
know how it went. On or off list is fine. If I can present them with
a precedent, it would be fabulous.


Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever

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