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[IP] weight gain/support

First of all I just wanted to let everyone know that my daughter just had her 
A1C done yesterday and it was 5.6!!!  But my question is that about 3 months 
ago she put on 13 pounds rather quickly. She was on BCP to regulate her 
period for 3 months and thats when she gained the weight.   Not sure if the 
two are related or not. Now she would like to get rid of the extra weight 
gain.  Although she still isn't heavy.   Her Dr. said that it is very hard 
for someone with diabetes who is in good control to lose weight and that they 
usually gain weight.  Is that really true?
She left the Dr.'s office feeling that she should just not care about her 
control and then she could lose the weight.  Also she has become very self 
concscious about the weight gain and it has hurt her self esteem some.  Any 
suggestions or thoughts from the group about what I can do.  

One more question do you feel that your child or yourself get much emotional 
support from your Dr. regarding his/her diabetes and the pump.  I get a 
little upset because that is one area where she gets no support.  She gets so 
sick of this disease and her team doesn't really seem to care or ask her how 
things are going or how she is feeling as long as her #'s are good.  Is that 
a reasonable thing to expect from your team-some emotional support??

Anne (mom to 14 year old pumer)
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