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Re: [IP] Basal Testing Question

Andrew -

> I have never understood the importance that's given to 0.1 unit at night
by some
> pumpers.

> Given the variations in site absorption, metabolism, the pump itself, and
> measurement error, I don't think a _single_ 0.1 unit dose is reproducible,
> less detectable, in the body. I'm referring to a _single_ 0.1 unit dose,
> not a series of them.

Always remember YMMV!

A 0.1 unit dose can make a big difference to someone who is very sensitive
to insulin. I'm talking about those who can drop 100 points or more with one
unit of insulin. I often use 0.1 unit corrections. Also there are some whose
sensitivity does change during the day. I have found (tested and
reproducible) that I have to be conservative with basal changes during the
night. If I'm finding a consistent rise, then I'll make changes to
compensate for about half that. This comes from frequent lows after making
changes. During the day this does not have the same effect. Actually I am
sensitive enough to minute changes that I would love to have control to the
0.05 unit. During the early morning and right before noon I often have to
set a 0.1 for an hour and 0.0 for the second hour to achieve this and it
makes a world of difference.

> How, again, did you measure this?

I draw these conclusions from experience and frequent testing.

Laura Lillie
pumping since 9/96

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