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[IP] When there's no water to wash

Hi, Cheryl.

< I know you're not supposed to use alcohol >

Of course you can use alcohol if you've got nothing else.

I carry swabs in my travel kit. If there's no soap and water handy, I open 
a swab to clean my fingertips before I use the lancet. If the swab gets 
very dirty, I use a second one.

Swabs do NOT sterilize -- they just contain water and rubbing alcohol -- 
but they're certainly not bad for you (unless you swallow the foil -- in 
which case remember to swallow very hard <g>).

Many people have used alcohol to prepare injection sites for years without 
noticing any deleterious effects. Others complain about drying of the skin. 
I never noticed anything in particular, but I've drastically reduced my 
swab use because I learned they're just not needed as long as the skin is 
clean. When it's _not_ clean, a swab can be quite handy.

< can you use those wet ones or moist towelettes >

Yup, I've used those, too, when there's no water around. Great to keep in 
the glove compartment. They generally contain water, alcohol and a bunch of 
innocuous chemicals. (I saw the ingredients at the Wal-Mart web site by 
searching for "towelettes" and then clicking on "Wet Ones".)

regards, Andy

>Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 09:49:57 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP]no water to wash (Happy Mothers Day: not all D related)
>What is the recommended procedure when there is no water to wash hands, I
>know you're not supposed to use alcohol, but can you use those wet ones or
>moist towelettes for times like Robin had or when you are just not near a
>aka Mouse

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