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[IP] Infusion set question

I was wondering if anyone had any input on different types of infusion sets.  
I have been pumping for about 2 months now and was initially sent the Sof-Set 
Ultimates with my pump.  I have never tried any others.  Since I am 6 months 
pregnant I have to change my site about every two days at the most and I am 
finding that these sets are really getting kind of uncomfortable.  The site 
gets sooooo tender by that second day that it hurts to brush up against it.  
Are there any other types of sets that might be more comfortable?  Also does 
anyone know if MM will send out samples of the different types they offer or 
will I have to buy a whole box of them just to see if I like them better.

I know from this list that you cant use the sof-serter with all of the types 
of sets and I hate the thought of having to stick myself with those needles.  
You wouldn't think it would bother me after having diabetes for 20 years but 
those needles are a little larger than a normal insulin syringe.  Do they 
hurt.  I would appreciate any suggestions.

Dee Dee
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