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Re: [IP] iv correction bolus

In a message dated 5/16/00 12:59:17 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Linda - how were you lowering your bg "too fast"? iv, intramuscular (ouch!)
or by some other method? >>

I have tried intramuscular injections in my thighs -- was not always 
successful at getting the insulin to work faster, but always was painful.  I 
decided it wasn't worth it.  My usual techniques involved either sitting in 
very hot water for a bit (have mostly not done that since diagnosed with 
Coronary Artery Disease) and exercise, done 10-15 minutes after bolusing for 
the high as well as the to-be-eaten meal but waiting to eat it till the blood 
glucose has come down to close to normal.  So I am talking about bringing a 
bg of 300 down to 120 in 40-60 minutes (and then eating to use up remaining 
insulin), not 10.  Being someone who has passed out more than once when 
someone else was messing with my blood vessels, I am hesitant to do IV myself.

Linda Z
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