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Re: [IP] iv correction bolus

>Hi John, seems this is a followup on a thread we had a year or more ago.

Wayne - that's about how often I post here :-)

The responses here have been interesting and varied.

Stephen - thanks for sharing with us that you have done it. What syringe
and needle did you use?

Linda - how were you lowering your bg "too fast"? iv, intramuscular (ouch!)
or by some other method?

>Just wondering why your friend is so impatient to get high sugars down.

Nancy - the senario I envisage is not "Help! my bg is 300 - I must get it
down in 10 minutes or I shall get comps", but rather "Dinner is ready; sit
down but don't feel hungry; check bg: 300. Ah! that's why I don't feel
hungry, and am grouchy as well". If I can lower my bg in 10 minutes, I can
enjoy my meal before it goes cold, without my stomach closing up and saying
"no food", which usually happens when my bg is over 200.

I shall discuss it with my endo at my next appointment. I'll let you know
a) what he says and b) if I do it!


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