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Re: [IP] Elevated microalbumin (protein in urine) after 2 years?

   Melissa was also started on Zestril & although it didn't give her a cough, 
it did bother her stomach. Switched her to Vasotec, starting at 2.5 mgs & 
working her way up to a daily total of 10 mgs ( 5 mgs am & pm)..As I reported 
here a few wks ago, her latest 24 hr protein collection was 166 mgs, an 
incredible improvement from the 1200-1500-2600 increase we were seeing 3 yrs 
ago before the ACE inhibitors did their "magic".
   Apparently, the diabetes exacerbates a predisposition to "leak" protein, 
so no need to feel badly about how "controlled" your child's diabetes was or 
wasn't. The mere act of being diabetic puts an additional strain on the 
filtering mechanism in the kidney for those so predisposed., and can appear 
as early as a couple of years post-dx, twice as frequently in girls as boys 
for some reason?...Melissa's A1Cs had been in the low-mid 7s for the years 
preceding the rise in the protein output, so "control" wasn't the cause.

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-mom/coach/ advocate)
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