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[IP] Dusk Phenomenon /Disability Ins. & Diabetes

Kevin-  Dianne here, reporting the one night wonder wherein I actually had 
normal (100-140) BG all night long!  Sad to think that such a regular 
occurrence for many pump users is such an anomaly for me that I feel I have 
to report it!  Will see how it goes.

I got your request and will acknowledge it.  I am also forwarding a couple 
of rather long posts from Delaine, an IP CDE and exercise physiologist - AND 
a pumper, and another one from Todd, only because they answered me privately 
after posting our recent correspondence to the IP list.  Most of it is stuff 
we already tried but it doesn't hurt to have friends out there - or to 
batten down the hatches in a couple of areas one might not be attending to 
with the necessary rigor and vigor.

Appreciate your information on the 'dusk phenomenon' - I think I've 'got it' 
for sure and last night's rise and falls verifies it.  I have a weird hour 
or two where my BG goes up (as well as my basal) right after 10 p.m.  'til 
about 3 a.m., takes an hour 'off' (lower basal), then starts the 'dawn 
phenomena'  - either that or the dawn phenomenon starts at 10 p.m.!!  I 
don't think I've always had this.  Did you say it starts when you're 
'older'? I'm 55 and this seems to have been a problem for the past few 
years.  One of my issues is always trying to fit in with my endo's idea of 
how my diabetes should work - you know, which unfortunately I just don't do.

About Disability Insurance (Federal) and diabetes.  It is possible to get 
it, but you need to document complications (their definition of being 
'wildly out of control').  My so called disability is due to 'fallout' from 
brain surgery a couple of years ago PLUS diabetes.  I have documentation for 
both minimal retinopathy and minimal neuropathy, 'though neither one is a 
major issue at the moment.  If you take a Medical Leave of Absence it would 
go a long ways in documenting a 'problem' with your diabetes.  Be forewarned 
that the government denies almost all disability claims the first time, that 
you need to be disabled for at least 6 months (no income!!) prior to even 
being considered for benefits, that appeals (what I just 'won' in Federal 
court!) take a year or two (14 mos. for me) to get a hearing, and that if 
you're looking ahead, look in the phone book and find a Disability Benefits 
advocat (legal counsel) to help you.  They're worth the money.
You could probably do some programming work from home too.  I STILL don't 
have any medical insurance or medicare and spent a long time living off from 
the kindness of strangers on the IP for medical supplies - including 
insulin.  It's been a nightmare.  Of course, the RR might not make you go 
through all this - better to know up front.  In this country you can't even 
get food stamps if you have no income to speak of if you own a recent model 
car- or more than $2000 in assets including IRA's!

Sorry this is so long.  I get riled when I start thinking about my 
Disability debaucle and get this, I'm considered one of the lucky ones.

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